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Space F!ght plays Mira, Barcelona

4th March

Together with Space F!ght  I performed at MIRA Festival 2014 at Santa Monica Arts Centre, Barcelona. MIRA festival is one of the biggest festivals of Live Visual Arts in Spain. Festival featured, lectures, performances and interactive installation art. We had Chris Sharkey on guitar, performing among the usual Space F!ght crew including Tom Adams (electronics), James Mainwaring (sax), Jakub Hader aka Precyzja (visuals and pyramid) and myself on Machinedrum and Octatrack.

Here is really nice teaser made from diverse activities happening during the festival. Try spotting our 3D pyramids.

O3 – video mapping – Moscow Circle of Light 2014

28th October

Piece made in collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who took care of scientific underpinning of the project. In this piece satellite ozone data was used to generate the sound and audio-reactive visualization. Together with Jakub Hader (Precyzja, visualisation) we are using ground level ozone data, which is the best representation of the ozone that harms human health. The piece is using the data from different locations around the globe with diverse level of ozone concentration of Moscow, Amazon, Beijing representing the ozone data rather than culture or any other characteristic of the locations. To represent each place average monthly ozone concentration is used in a time series of 12 months.

Sound design was made using data sonification with parameter mapping via midi on the drum machine and via control voltage (CV) on Eurorack modular synthesizer. Parameters of ozone data were scaled …

Mismatch Negativity @ Zushi Media Art Festival, Japan

28th September

This video mapping is based on data sonification generated from MMN (mismatch negativity) in EEG data of two people.

One is healthy, the other is an individual with a recent diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Every element is generated live with custom software environment patched in VVVV running in real time. The sound design was generated using eurorack synthesiser connected to computer running Max/MPS and controlling the synth via data. 

Piece shows that society should live in harmony. This project is an attempt to show how you can get easily lost and loose your balance of perception while looking at images that seem very real.

The EEG waveform was slowed down 5x and used as complex modulator for the Eurorack modular synthesiser. Sound material was generated using Intellijel Shapeshifter as sound generator, MakeNoise Maths, as envelope follower/scaling and Cwejman MMF6 as waveshaper/filter.

Piece was premiered at …

Space F!ght Sound Design @ WRO Biennale 2013

15th June

Two visual artists Jakub Hader and Patrycja Ochala invited us to take part in the project Second Stroke to do music and sound design for their installation at WRO Biennale 2013.

Installation had modern look at fine art with the use of new media and technology (3D mapping and MS Kinect). Participants were changing the painting textures and shapes by pointing  at different spots of the projection. Sounds and music were Space F!ght’s sonic representation of the painting itself. The software Jakub wrote was choosing them algorithmically analysing participants’ gestures. This way audience could interact with the image and sound of installation. Videos below are showing the end result and preparation.

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Space F!ght @ Wschod Kultury Rzeszow Poland

15th June

Space F!ght is coming back to the hometown and performing at concert series Stadion Kultury Europejskiej, headlining Precyzja Swiatla night. We are doing our audio-visual 3D mapping set at the Synagogue Stage. 29th June Rzeszow, Poland. 

More info at Wschod Kultury


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Space F!ght 3D Modular

28th April

Space F!ght performed in Newcastle’s Live Theatre on 22nd April and in Oporto, Leeds on 23rd April with our new 3D modular audio visual setup. We are really happy with the outcome  and looking forward to expand our 3D screens in the future shows. Videos coming soon…  

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Space F!ght plays Mira, Barcelona

Together with Space F!ght  I performed at MIRA Festival 2014 at Santa Monica Arts Centre, Barcelona. MIRA festival is one of the biggest festivals...

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