Alene is a contemporary dance duet about mental illness. The dance performance aims to draw attention towards a subject that throughout history has been quieted down in society and a subject many people find difficult to understand and to talk about. How do we relate to people who suffer from mental disease and what kind of responsibility do we have towards this group of people?

I was invited by Marie Ronold Mathisen to do sound deign and compose the music for this project. In the 40min long show I mainly used Eurorack modular synthesiser to generate the sound material. Generative patches provided gestural sound textures to compliment the dancers moves.  Aided with drum machine and groovebox improvisation, piece was structured around  6 themes varying in density of material used (from ambient to heavy beat based to noise).

As the vulnerable theme for example I made remix of RPE Duo’s Lost Child, as it fitted perfectly with the theme and vibe of that section.

The show finishes with piece performed live using sampler (Octatrack) and portable modular synthesiser. 

Alene was premiered in Stavanger, Norway at Tou Scene 20/21st of August.

Choreography and idea: Marie Ronold Mathisen

Dance: Katarzyna Witek and Marie Ronold Mathisen

Composition and sound design: Radoslaw Rudnicki

Lighting: Espen Håland

Dancers’ Stills: Rune Bergan

Film: Joelle Green