Live Performances, programmed works and workshops.


  • Decentraland, Metaverse Music Festival, AV set.
  • Sound design and composition commissioned by Samsung US for the metaverse project.
  • Creative technologist, AV web experience design for Übersee-Museum Bremen.


  • Charlotte New Music Festival, NC,USARPE Duo (trumpet and electronics) streamed performance exploring live sampling and sound processing of trumpet performed online via skype.
  • ModularMeets Online 2020, Leeds,UK – online solo Eurorack modular synth performance exploring the use of alternative firmware instrument for Qu-bit Electronix Nebulae v2.
  • Europejski Stadion Kultury, Rzeszow, Poland – NaStyku, performance and sound instalation for hurdy gurdy and modular synthesizer with Lucjan Kościółek (hurdy-gurdy) and Jakub Hader (lasers, visual design).
  • Amarus Concert Series, Bern, Switzerland – online performance on a modular synth with Al Fraser (Taonga Puoro, New Zealand). The network performance explored new sound worlds by colliding of traditional Maori instruments Taonga Puoro with modular synthesis. Each performer and the audience were in different geographic locations (New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland).


  • London Jazz Festival, Audio visual performance with Space F!ght as eight piece band including generative visualisations and lasers.
  • SUAC University of Arts and Culture, Hamamatsu, Japan – Invited workshop, talk and interactive installation PaperTracker
  • University of York, UK – Workshop, talk and live performance on Buchla 200e synthesiser.
  • Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK –  Space F!ght performance as quartet including drums, sax, keys, Buchla 200e and drum machine.
  • Echosonda, BWA Rzeszów, Poland Audiovisual performance I-go-I-e using recordings of traditional Japanese instruments, Buchla 200e system, Eurorack and generative visualisations with lasers.



  • Dommune (ドミューン), Tokyo, Japan – Live modular solo set.
  • Tokyo Festival of Modular, Japan – Live modular set with Maho Cwejman.
  • Bullets Nishiazabu, Tokyo, Japan – Live modular set with Maho Cwejman.
  • Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Tokyo, Japan – workshop on modular synthesis and live performance with Maho Cwejman.
  • TFOM2017 After Party / Modular Cafe Phase 23, Tokyo Japan – solo performance on modular synthesiser.
  • New Frontiers 2017Waiuku New Zealand – 2x sets including Space F!ght and solo live act by invitation from Arts Foundation, New Zealand.
  • Stockholm Tech Fest 2017, Stockholm, Sweden (2017) – Sonicules, performance at VIP event opening the festival. Invitation from Embassy of Poland in Stockholm, Sweden and Polska Instituet Stockholm.
  • Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland (2017) – Sonicules: Presentation, performance and installation at ‘Masz wiadomość’, adult series funded by Samsung.
  • Center of New Technologies, CeNT at University of Warsaw, Poland (2017) – SoniculesPresentation, installation and performance.
  • Superbooth, Berlin, Germany (2017) – Live modular with AJH Synth including booth demo.
  • Performance Arcade, Wellington, NZ (2017) – Space F!ght 30 min performance.
  • Modular Autumn, Pyramid Club, Wellington, NZ (2017) – Live modular solo set.
  • Temporal Modulations: Meet Wowa Cwejman, The Pit, Wellington, NZ (2017) – Live modular set, presentation and mini workshop on Cwejman Eurorack modules.


  • The White Rose Electroacoustic Music Network, 3×3 White Rose Concert Series (2016), 3x RPE Duo pieces presented at University of York, Sheffield and Leeds, UK.
  • SOI Industry presents, Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK (2016) – Solo live on Buchla, Serge modular and Elektron Drum machines.
  • Modular Meets, Leeds, UK (2016) – Solo live on Eurorack modular.
  • Festival of Ideas, York, UK (2016), Sonicules: Designing Drugs with Sound, surround audiovisual performance commissioned by Wellcome Trust.
  • Loop Festival, Cyprus (2016) – Solo live on Elektron drum machines and Serge Modular.

2015 and before

  • Modular Meets, Leeds, UK (2015) – Solo live on Eurorack modular and Elektron drum machines.
  • Fresh Air 2015, Quenington, UK (2015) – Commissioned by The Quenington Sculpture Trust installation and projection mapping show with (Jakub Hader).
  • Southbank Centre, London, UK (2015) – Commissioned by British Council Iran performance with Dr Enrico Bertelli and Dr Pouya Ehsaei. Duration (35min).
  • Electric Spring, Huddersfield, UK (2015) – Performed two 30min sets – Digital Electricity and Space F!ght solo.
  • MIRA Festival, Barcelona, Spain (2014) – Space F!ght Audiovisual Experience.
  • Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway (2014) –  Alene Show (Composition and Sound design for contemporary dance, followed by 2x shows).
  • Gateshead International Jazz Festival, UK (2014) – Space F!ght audiovisual live performance.
  • Space F!ght Tour 2014 – 5x public venues including Lexington, London; Lescar Sheffield; Wave Folder Records Launch Party, Leeds; Festival of Ideas, York; Manchester Jazz Festival 2014.
  • Stadion Kultury Europejskiej Rzeszow Poland (2013) – 3D projection mapping on Synagogue Stage – (Space F!ght)
  • RPE Duo, USA tour (2013) – dates in various venues in USA starting at FONT festival 2013 in NYC.
  • Space F!ght Spring Tour (2013) – number of performances in venues in Leeds and Newcastle Space F!ght (live)
  • Space F!ght Sci-Fi tour (2013) – 6x dates include site specific work in venues including Kings Place, London; Leper Chapel, Cambridge; 3Sixty, University of York; Wharf Chambers, Leeds.
  • UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Ashville, Queens University among others, USA (2012) – RPE Duo
  • Kernel Festival, Italy (2012) – Space Fight
  • Manchester Jazz Festival, UK (2010) – RPE Duo
  • Festival Omaggio, Italy (2010) – SynthesisAquatuszFreeform
  • Concerti di Promavera, Paese, Italy (2010) – SynthesisAquatusz, Freeform
  • Computer Arts Festival, Padova Italy (2009) – Synthesis
  • Luigi Nono Festival, Trieste Italy (2009) – Roots-Dance-PoetrySynthesis
  • Candiani Centre, Venice Italy (2011) – Synthesis, Aquatusz
  • Novocento Festival, Treviso, Italy (2009) – Synthesis, Dance-Text-Origin, Roots-Dance-Poetry
  • CFCP, Dublin, Ireland (2011) – RPE Duo
  • CFCP, Dublin, Ireland (2011) – Freeform
  • Culturenight, CFCP, Dublin Ireland (2011) – Montage – Cinematic Pieces live
  • Culturenight, CFCP, Dublin Ireland (2011) – Space Fight
  • Sensorium, Dublin, Ireland (2011) – Aquatusz
  • Tinderbox Festival, UK (2012) – Space Fight
  • Lancaster Jazz Festival, UK (2010) – RPE Duo
  • Lancaster University, UK (2010) – Research seminar, live performance (RPE Duo)
  • Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh UK (2010) – Live act (RPE Duo)
  • Grimm Tales, Leeds UK (2009) – Live improvisation during theatre play (RPE Duo)
  • University of Leeds, UK (2009) – FOCAM – KP1 (UUCMS)
  • Ron Cooke Hub, York UK (2011) – Space Fight
  • BEAM Festival London (2012) – Synthesis
  • Late Music Festival York (2011) – Synthesis, Aquatusz, Freeform
  • Northern School of Contemporary Dance Leeds, UK (2009) – Dance-Text-Origin 
  • Coastival Scarborough (2014) – Live Performance (Kirki Project).

Installation and New Media work.

  • Tokyo Festival of Modular 2019PaperTracker interactive installation, gamiefied music tech learning platform.
  • Wellington Maker Fair 2019PaperTracker interactive installation, gamiefied music tech learning platform.
  • BWA Krosno, Poland (2019) – Invited audiovisual installation for opening of Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych/ Art gallery in Krosno, Poland.
  • New Frontiers, Wellington, New Zealand (2018) – Sound of Space Debris – audiovisual installation made in collaboration with SpaceBase New Zealand, linking Space Debris data sonification, visualisation and spatial sound with modular synthesis.
  • Dni Partnerstwa Wschodniego, Brussels, Belgium (2016) – Slavic Beasts installation at Embassy of Poland, Brussels.
  • Wschod Kultury, Rzeszow, Poland (2016) – Slavic Beasts holographic installation launched at the festival and part of permanent exhibition in the city.
  • Zamek w Lidzbarku Warminskim, Poland (2016) – History mapped on 3D Minature of the castle. Piece is part of the permanent exhibition.
  • SpaceREC, Leeds, UK (2016) – Sound installation rising awareness of free art spaces in the city, funded by Arts Council UK via 1215today.
  • Fresh Air, Quenington UK (2015) – Precyzyjna Sztuka, Commissioned by Quenington Sculpture Trust audio-visual video mapping installation incorporating modular synthesis and spatial sound.
  • PatchlabKrakow, Poland (2014) – Second Stroke (with Jakub Hader and Precyzja Foundation)
  • WRO BiennaleWroclaw , Poland (2013) – Second Stroke (with Jakub Hader and Patrycja Ochala, Space F!ght’s music and sound design)
  • SensoriumYork, UK (2010) – Aquatusz (Commissioned by Sensorium)
  • Fresh AirQueningron, UK (2009) – Digital Garden (Commissioned by Quenington Sculpture Trust)
  • Spot.Kontroli, Poznan, Poland (2009) – Aquatusz (Commissioned by Lomography)
  • Node.London FestivalUK (2008) – Greentooth (Commissioned by Hedonskate) Poland)

Press and media

  • – interview with as artist and creator.
  • Radio Panik Bruxelles, FMR Toulouse, JET FM Nantes, L’EKO des Garrigues FM – En-Edge broadcasted.
  • Radio Panik Bruxelles, FMR Toulouse, JET FM Nantes, L’EKO des Garrigues FM – RPE Duo Bananas pt2 and Raw Skeleton broadcasted.
  • Radio Rzeszów, Poland (2019) – Interview on recent projects and I-go-i-e performance. Ichi-go-ichi-e broadcasted.
  • TV Rzeszów, Strefa dźwięku (2019) – Interview on recent projects and I-go-i-e project.
  • Elbphilharmonie, Germany (2018) – Interview after performance at ePhil concert series.
  • Elektron Talk, Sweden (2018) – Interview with Daniel Sterner on art/science and work with Elektron devices on sound and sample packs.
  • Poland (2017) – Sonicules featured in Onet after Polish Innovation Days in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Canal+ Poland, (2017) – Sonicules interview and feature from Copernicus Science Centre.
  • Music Tech Magazine, UK (2016) – Featured in the Modular Meets event review.
  • Sonicstate, UK, (2016) – Interview and setup presentation at ModularMeets, Leeds.
  • Sonicstate, UK, (2015) – Interview and setup presentation at ModularMeets, Leeds.
  • Create Digital Music, USA, Germany (2012) – RPE Duo featured in music technology blog
  • Create Digital Music, USA, Germany (2013) – Space F!ght featured in music blog
  • FONT, USA (2013) – RPE Duo interview featured on festival website
  • Londonist, UK (2013) – Space F!ght featured in the magazine
  • Cuckoo Review, UK (2014) – Space F!ght @ GIJF live review
  • All About Jazz, USA (2014) – Space F!ght – Sci-Fi review
  • Slate the Disco, UK (2013) – Space F!ght featured in music blog
  • Sound and Music, UK (2013) – Space F!ght featured on the blog and main website
  • La Tribuna d Treviso, Italy (2009) – BDP 2.1 featured in Newspaper
  • Shuffle MagazineUSA (2012) – RPE Duo featured in the blog and magazine
  • Matrixsynth, USA (2011, 2012) – Space Fight and RPE Duo featured in the blog
  • All about jazz, USA (2010) – RPE Duo featured in jazz news blog.
  •, Poland (2014) – Space F!ght featured in new music blog

Publications, conference presentations, talks and panel discussions.

  • R. Rudnicki, J.  Brereton, Soundings: documentary film and the listening experience. Sonicules – Designing drugs with sound: approaches to sound design for film, audiovisual performance and interactive sonification. Chapter 3, pp. 69-92. Huddersfield Press, 2018.
  • R. Rudnicki, Sound and Music in Documentary Film, Huddersfield, 2017, Sonicules video presented.
  • R. Rudnicki, Sines and Squares, Manchester, 2017, Sonicules: Designing Drugs with Sound (conference presentation)
  • R.Rudnicki, K. Hicks, Ozone data sonification – Space F!ght, audiovisual performance, data sonification at SoniHED Conference, York, 2014.
  • R.Rudnicki, Ozone Sonification, SEI Science Forum, Stockholm, SwedenFebruary 2014. (conference presentation).
  • R.Rudnicki, H.Cambridge, Ozone Sonification. Royal Geographical Sociaty with IBG annual conference, ‘Geographies of co-production’, London, UK, August 2014. (Conference presentation).
  • R.Rudnicki, Creative Use of Technology in Education, Big Ears Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2013 (conference presentation, panel discussion).
  • E. Kubera, M. Kursa, W. R.Rudnicki and A. Wieczorkowska, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Playing In Unison in the Random Forrest vol 7053. 2012
  • E. Kubera, M. Kursa, W. R.Rudnicki and A. Wieczorkowska,International Joint Conference Security and Intelligent Information Systems, Playing in Unison in the Random Forest, Warsaw, Poland 2011.
  • E. Kubera, M. Kursa, W. R.Rudnicki and A. Wieczorkowska International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, All that Jazz in The Random Forest, Warsaw, Poland 2011.

Albums and music released.

R. Rudnicki (2020) Re: conet c. Attempt to open source a music album where the entire process of creation is open and accessible to the audience. This includes the release of samples, patches, software developed during the project, scores and guides on how to make each track as well as early mixes and mastering of the tracks. Mixes by Roel Funcken, Toby LLoyd, Benny Tones. Mastering by Bob Macc. Album is released by Wave Folder Records and included software on Github. The project is supported by Creative New Zealand.

R. Alvarez, R.Rudnicki (2020) Kirki Project – Tirana Square. Inspired by Fiesta de la Tirana, a religious festival that takes place in La Tirana village in the Atacama Desert, Northern Chile. Created music puts it in a different context aiming to create new sonorities and aesthetics. Pieces are based on the interaction between field recordings acquired by Ricardo Alvarez during the festival visit in 2012 and the electro-acoustic improvisation process developed by the duo at the University of York, UK in 2014. The project presented in the UK including the London Jazz Festival. Wave Folder Records.

R. Rudnicki (2020) Hope. Released as part of Electronic Music Compilation curated by Roel Funcken – 71 tracks (released in 2 parts) chosen from 250 pieces generously donated by musicians around the globe. This project (comprised of electronic music and accompanying photography) is an international collective effort to generate funds for the rescue, preservation and safe sanctuary of koalas and other vulnerable wildlife affected by the unprecedented catastrophic fires of the Australian Black Summer (September 2019 – February 2020) resulting in a massive loss of habitable forests. Touched Music.

R.Rudnicki, et all (2020) I-go-I-e. Curated compilation album of electronic media linking traditional Japanese music with technology. 20 artists across cultures were given a challenge to critically and creatively engage with conservation of Japanese music and culture with electronic works. Each work utilises recordings of Buddhist chants, and traditional instruments. Project supports Kidsdoor a charity organisation focusing on education of children from underserved areas of Japan. Supported by Adam Mickiewicz Instytut, Poland; Cwejman Japan and Massey University, New Zealand. Release on Feb 2020. Project presented at Tokyo Festival of Modular 2019. Wave Folder Records.

R.Rudnicki (2019). En-Edge (). Semi generative modular synthesizer piece re-contextualising Buddhist chants and traditional Japanese instruments with electronics in ambient/drone aesthetic. Invited piece released as part of Tone Science No. 3 Cosines and Tangents compilation. DiN Records, UK.

R. Rudnicki, M. Postle (2019). RPE Duo-Bananas. Album of fifteen creative works exploring generative, controlled and freely improvised approaches to composition and sound design for trumpet and electronics. Collection of works is an output from international artist residency at EMS, Stockholm, Sweden supported by crowdfunding campaign. Wave Folder Records.

R. Rudnicki, M. Cwejman (2018).ココデシカ ココダカラ.  Album of twelve works performed on two 12U Eurorack modular synthesizer systems focused on Cwejman modules. Material generated and performed at Tokyo Festival of Modular 2017 following performances in Forum Kyoto and Yokai Soho, Kyoto Japan with support from Instytut Adama Mickiewicza and Cwejman Japan. Wave Folder Records.

R. Rudnicki (2016). Koshi Mazaki – Lab: Ring SM Sonic XV. Album of seven pieces exploring AJH Synth Ring SM and Sonic XV modules. Supported by AJH Synth and performed at Superbooth, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Wave Folder Records.

R. Rudnicki (2016). Radek Meets Modular. Series of improvised works created with one patch on 9U Eurorack modular synthesizer finishing with invited performance for Modular Meets Leeds (2016). Wave Folder Records.

R. Rudnicki, M. Postle (2014). RPE Duo – Playground. Series of works exploring textures and improvised approaches for trumpet and electronics. Contains material generated during invited performances at the East Coast USA tours, including Festival of New Trumpet Music and Jamey Aebersold special series performance at UNC-Chapel Hill. Wave Folder Records.

R. Rudnicki, J. Mainwaring, T. Adams, A. Edgington, M. Postle, J. Hader (2014). Space F!ght – Sci-Fi. Album exploring vintage sci-fi novels, electro-acoustic improvisation linked with 3D video mapping performances. Funded by Sound and Music, UK and supported by Jazz North, UK and Arts Council England. Wave Folder Records.

R. Rudnicki, M. Postle (2012). RPE Duo – Live. Live album of RPE Duo performance at UNC – Chapel Hill, NC, USA – October 2012
The duo performed as guest artists on Jamey Aebersold special series. 

R. Rudnicki, J. Mainwaring, T. Adams, M. Postle, J. Hader (2011). Space F!ght – Space F!ght. It is combination of live and studio work of the band, interaction between improvised and programmed electronic beats with acoustic instruments. Following the album, Space F!ght was announced Jazz Ambassadors of the North of England in 2013/2014 and were supported by Jazz North, Arts Council England and toured internationally.

R. Rudnicki, M. Postle (2010). RPE Duo – rpeduo. Live album of RPE Duo explores interaction between trumpet and live electronics, exposes how limited material can be entertaining and evolving. Followed by performances at Manchester Jazz Festival, Lancaster Jazz, Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh 2010 and toured internationally in Europe and the USA.

R. Rudnicki et all (2010). Elektron-Users – Machine. Two tracks, Digital Garden and Nueralnet featured on compilation of works by Elektron-users selected in competitive process by digital community devoted to Elektron musical instruments and electronic music.

Pieces programmed on the festivals and 3D video mapping work.

  • smaART Places, Dortumnd, Germany (2020) – Digital Mindfulness, commissioned piece by City of Dortmund.
  • Wschod Kultury, Poland (2016) – Światłem odbudowane, 3D mapping piece commisioned by City Council of Rzeszow.
  • Festival Przestrzeni Miejskiej 2016, Rzeszow, Poland (2016) – 3D mapping piece projected on most recognisable monument of the City of Rzeszow.
  • MEDI-ARTz Zushi, Japan (2014) – Mismatch Negativity, 3D mapping/data sonification with
  • Circle of Light, Moscow, Russia (2014) – O3, 3D mapping/data sonification Hader/Rudnicki
  • International Video Art Festival Now&After ’12, Moscow, Russia (2012) – Born
  • Tychy Mapping Festival, Poland (2012) – Space Fight (Lucid Dream)
  • Videoframes, France (2011) – Born
  • Kalamata, Greece (2011) – Winter Garden
  • Bello Horizonte, Brazil (2010) – Born
  • Futura Festival, France (2009) – Dance-Text-Origin

Artist residencies and invited workshops:

  • EMS, Stockholm, Sweden(2022) – Artist residency with Luis Sanz.
  • Space F!ght, Kent, UK(2019) – Artist residency leading towards London Jazz Festival 2019.
  • EMS, Stockholm, Sweden (2017) – Funded by Embassy of Poland in Sweden. Work towards The Transient Union album.
  • EMS, StockholmSweden (2016) – Funded by Polska Instituet and Emerging Excellence Award, Help Musicians UK to produce Space F!ght album.
  • EMS, StockholmSweden (2015) – RPE Duo international residency at EMS international artist residency programme.
  • Space F!ght, Wales (2014) – Funded by Help Musicians UK, Jazz North to work on Sci-Fi tour.
  • Jazz North, Lake District (2014) – Invited for Jazz Ambassadors workshop, funded by Jazz North.
  • Space F!ght, Whitby (2013) – Funded by Sound and Music, UK to work on Sci-Fi album.
  • LLEAPP, Edinburgh, Scotland (2013) – Invited for Laptop performers workshop.