Re:Conet c

Is an open-source album/project. It is focused on the development and sustainability of my creative practice. Throughout the project, I am researching, revising and establishing new workflows using a variety of tools and technologies. The aim of that process is the creation of the series of interactive, fixed media and audiovisual works. Throughout the project, I am documenting and making the entire creative process open-source. As a result, the project allows me to engage and reconnect with audiences in innovative ways and allows sharing of my creative process. The source code and audio developed for the project will continue as open-source, for others to build upon. This will enable artists and audience to experience, further modify, and customise developed tools and sounds, thus adapting them to other projects beyond project completion. This includes the creation of audio works/tracks as well as sound pack, Max8 patches, Pure data(pd) patches, ORCΛ algorithms, sound synthesis patches, mixes and mastering of the developed works. The entire project is created in my temporary COVID studio in the outskirts of Rzeszów in the South-East of Poland and shared online with international audiences worldwide.

Project is documented via a series of videos on Instagram.

The newest versions of the developed software are here:

Project is funded by Creative New Zealand via Arts Continuity Grant 2020.