Space F!ght

Tom Adams (UK) – guitar

Jakub Hader (PL)- visuals

James Mainwaring (UK) – sax

Matt Postle (USA) – trumpet

Radek Rudnicki(PL) – electronics, mixing and composition

Audiovisual performance that explores interaction between improvised music and visualisations. The music aesthetic stems from interaction between saxophone, electric guitar and electronic hardware creating a powerful blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. This is structured by a visual narrative, that the musicians respond to and vice versa (the visuals are patched to react to the sound). This represents interaction of human feel with technology. Acoustic contemporary jazz improvisation is collided with glitchy electronic rhythms and ambient guitar riffs. Sounds are processed and sampled live with effects that emphasize performers’ idiosyncrasies. There are loop based, carefully designed to micro level grooves that drive the performance. Unpredictable arrangements of the pieces make it unique and on the edge of commercial and contemporary music – not falling into any of the mainstream genres. Pieces range from atmospheric, laid back, almost lounge tracks to heavy beat based, dense textures.

Audio reactive visuals inspired by the music are being controlled live with custom-made software. Each piece of the set has dedicated visual elements acting as short music videos. Because of the improvised nature of the music and the specially designed interactive visual software, every performance is unique to the audience. But because of the constraints on the material, it has an exciting, unique idiom.

Space F!ght performed audiovisual immersive performances using 4 screens and 32 speakers, 3D mapping performances and most recently uses custom made modular sculptures acting as scenography/projection screens. These used during the shows emphasise the 3D effect of visualisations.

Space F!ght announced ambassadors of Northern Jazz scene in UK (2013/14) and received Emerging Excellence Award 2014. Performed at Kernel Festival 2012 (Italy), MIRA Festival, 2014 (Spain), Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2014 (UK), Tinderbox Festival 2012 (UK), Culturenight 2011, CFCP (Dublin) and is frequently touring in UK. Space F!ght showcased the pieces on Tychy Mapping Festiwal 2012 (Poland) and did music and sound design for Jakub Hader’s installation at WRO Biennale, Poland 2013. Recently collaborated with NASA and Stockholm Environment Institute on data sonification and visualisation.





Space F!ght was featured in Create Digital Music,  Jazz ShapedMATRIXSYNTH, All About JazzJazz North, Sound and MusicWschód Kultury, BBC Radio 3 and Slate the Disco among others.