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    Designing Drugs with Sound - Sonicules

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    Space F!ght - Audiovisual Experience

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    Space F!ght setup

Space F!ght

Space Fight is an audio and visual live experience that explores the interaction between 3D projection mapping and improvised music. Drawing influence from a wide range of music styles, Space Fight blends saxophone, guitar and electronic hardware to create a unique and powerful sound.


Alene is a Contemporary dance duet about mental illness. The dance performance aims to draw attention towards a subject that throughout history has been quieted down in society and a subject many people find difficult to understand and to talk about.


Matt Postle (USA) - trumpet Radek Rudnicki (PL) - live electronics Multimedia act that explores interaction between trumpet, live electronics, and visuals that expose how limited material can entertain and evolve.

I am a sound artist, composer and performer. I work with improvised sound material and visual content. Here you can find variety of projects I created or was involved in.

Fundacja Precyzja


Fundacja Precyzja is new media art collective founded by Jakub Hader. As lead sound designer and composer I create music and audio content used in new media, generative and interactive art works. These are regularly showcased at large-scale projection mapping events worldwide.  Furthermore, I work with Jakub in audio visual project Space F!ght where he is completing the set with generative and audio reactive visualisations.

Selected works with Fundacja Precyzja include:

O3 - 3D mapping/data sonification used as composition tool. Piece made to raise awareness of ozone’s impact on human health and vegetation. Piece run in a loop throughout the festival. Circle of Light, Moscow, Russia, 10-14th October 2014, duration 3min.

Mismatch Negativity - 3D mapping/data sonification piece using brain wave (MMN) data from people suffering with schizophrenia as structuring tool for the composition. Zushi Media Art Festival, Japan, duration 70sec.

Second Stroke - Interactive audiovisual painting, installation presented at WRO 2013 Pioneering Values. 15 Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland.

Meteor - Audiovisual generative installation at WPA 6, Duszniki Zdroj, Poland, 2014.

More info: http://www.precyzja.org/przyjaciele/



Matt Postle (USA) – trumpet

Radek Rudnicki (PL) – electronics

RPE Duo is a live act that explores interaction between trumpet and live electronics. Electronic grooves combine hip- hop with techno/dub in an experimental manner. The trumpet interacts with electronics, aiming to contrast/duplicate the electronic timbre. Improvisations slowly develop in time into dense noise or fragmented pieces. None of the material is scored however each sound is carefully crafted. Visuals used in the show, expose how limited material can entertain and evolve, these produced during the concert range from clear to abstract images.

Radek is using Elektron Machinedrum and Octatrack, processing, recording and mixing the performance live. Matt is improvising with trumpet and interacting with the effects and rhythms while being live sampled.

Duo toured UK, Italy, Ireland and USA. Recently collaborated on data sonification with NASA and Stockholm Environment Institute, this resulted in performances at Dave Douglas’s FONT festival in NYC (2013). In 2012 performed as Jamey Aebersold’s guest artist at UNC Chapel Hill, USA. In 2014 RPE Duo is releasing their Playground EP on Wave Folder Records and touring the UK.

Duo is also providing workshops on improvisation, extended techniques and creative use of technology. These were made for university and college students, and for youth groups.

RPE Duo was featured in Create Digital Music, MatrixsythShuffle Magazine and FONT among others.

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Kirki Project

Collaboration between Radek Rudnicki and Ricardo Alvarez. Music is inspired by South Andean folk featuring field recordings from Tirana celebrations at Atacama desert, where Ricardo Alvarez travelled, and gathered source material for the compositions.

Kirki Project

Ricardo Alvarez – saxophones
Radek Rudnicki – electronics 

Kirki Project is exploring new sonorities for sax and electronics through improvisation inspired by this aesthetic. Heavy beat-based electronica fused with improvised sax melodies draw from this festival full of life, joy and intensity.  The album and live set structure is based on the festival with four main movements. The arrival (Ya vamos llegando), square, pilgrimage and farewell.   

Kirki Project Promo from Radek on Vimeo.


Forthcoming album and live set futures the following pieces:


Radek Rudnicki ( 1982, Poland)

Composer, sound artist and performer

focused on using improvised material in multidisciplinary projects. Working as lead sound designer and music composer for Precyzja Foundation and director of Wave Folder Records he curates and funds new media art projects. Radek regularly does sound design and supports product development for number of companies for example Elektron Music Machines, Teenage Engineering, Cycling ’74, Rebel Technology, AJH Synth, L-1, Royal Air Force (RAF). He made pieces for theatre, film and game sound design. He collaborated with dance choreographers, visual artists and made number of audiovisual installations. In 2008 Radoslaw has been shortlisted by SPNM (UK), as one of the most interesting emerging composers living in the UK. In 2013 announced Ambassador of Jazz in the North of England with the project Space F!ght, subsequently supported by Sound and Music toured the UK in November 2013. In 2014 received Emerging Excellence Award from Help Musicians UK and funded artist residencies at EMS Stockholm (2015 and 2016).

Radek holds PhD in Digital Composition from the University of York. He is interested in interactive multimedia, visual arts and multidisciplinary projects combining art and science. As a result, collaborated with NASA’s GISS on sonification projects, which he toured both in the USA and the UK. He worked on Wellcome Trust funded Sonicules project, investigating the use spatial sound in anti-cancer drug design. Radek provides seminars and Music Technology workshops for universities, schools and youth groups. He emphasises a varied range of digital music, including contemporary composition and free improvisation. As founder of Wave Folder Records, Space F!ght and co-founder of RPE Duo, Kirki Project and UUCMS, he regularly performs in Europe, the USA and New Zealand. He exposed his work on festivals and art galleries in Brazil, France, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, the UK and the USA.

Detailed Portfolio

Recent Performances and Events

Live gigs, festivals, installations, workshops and the projects I'm involved in currently.

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