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Oxford Overdrive Sound Pack for Elektron Monomachine

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Oxford Overdrive Sound Pack is my second wavetable pack made specifically for the Monomachine commissioned by Elektron Music Machines.

The idea was to sample vintage synthesizer in order to get single cycle wave forms, as User Waves.  These can be used, as part of  wavetable synthesis sound engine utilised in the Monomachine. It is used for extending the sound palette, changing the tone and adding a bit of vibe from the old keyboard synths to the modern machine.

OSCar is classic British mono synth released in 1983 by Oxford Synthesiser Company (OSC). Big thanks goes to John Diver who let me use his unit, so I could create this sound pack. I’ve been told he got it new once it was released.

OSCar is really unique synth having DCO’s with additive synthesis on board. You can use one of the five fixed special wave forms or make your own from the fundamental and harmonic sine waves. As Vintage Synth explains: Its sound starts out from its two DCO’s. The synth is monophonic but can also achieve duophonic capability when using just one oscillator per voice. Waveforms offered include sawtooth, triangle, and square-, variable-, or modulated-pulse waveforms. In addition to these analog waveforms, there’s an additive-synthesis function allowing you to create your own custom waveforms by simply mixing the amplitudes of any of its 24 harmonics using the keyboard.

It also has two analog filters which make it sound really creamy and phat!

I sampled all the raw waveforms and created few myself on the fly. You can find the whole selection of original waveforms in the Oxford Overdrive Sound Pack.

You can find more information about the process of making wavetables for the Monomachine  in my previous post about making of Immortal Waves Sound Pack.

More info on OSCar can be found in the user manual.

Here is OSCar’s software emulation with added extra features by GFORCE – impOSCar 2.

You can download Oxford Overdrive Sound Pack from Elektron website.

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