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Immortal Waves Sound Pack for Elektron Monomachine

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Recently I have been involved in really exciting project with Elektron Music Machines. The idea was to sample vintage analog synthesizers especially for Monomachine SFX-60 groovebox to get single cycle wave forms, as User Waves.  These can be used, as part of  wavetable synthesis sound engine utilised in the machine. It is used for extending the sound palette, changing the tone and adding a bit of vibe from the old keyboard synths to the modern machine.

Immortal Waves pack was made using vintage Minimoog Model D owned by Department of Electronics at the University of York (Big thanks to John Grant and Andrew Chadwick for letting me in to use this lovely synth). I had around 2h to sample Minimoog, so started with the raw waveforms of all three oscillators and then played with the synth aiming to get the most diverse sounds in the shortest amount of time (that’s highly recommended task to try for aspiring sound designers). I tweaked the synth until I was happy with the material changing the sound immediately after. Whole procedure was geared towards single cycle waveforms. After contacting Elektron R&D department I got this advice about the length of the sample:

Ultimately the files should be 1024 samples (or longer, but not longer than 8192 samples) and contain just a single cycle of the waveform. This is pretty close to a very low F
If the files are shorter you end up with fewer harmonics. And if they contain more than a single cycle you end up with samples that are out of tune or pitched up an octave (or more).Thats around 4ms snippet of audio. Some of my waveforms ended up being longer, as I aimed at slicing unique waves on zero-crossings, which in few cases occurred over longer periods of time 5-6ms. Worth mentioning that  vintage Minimoog had few broken keys. These were marked red (see photo below), once pressed, machine made a note with sort of random lfo modulation of the pitch – quite unique build in feature in this specific unit. It was joy to play it and since I had Analog Rytm with me I used it to trigger the Minimoog. The sound of Rytm processed through that Moog was amazing…watch this space for more content.You can download the free Immortal Waves pack for the Monomachine in here.

Here is really informative thread on good old Elektron-Users forum on how to make your own single cycle waveforms for Monomachine.

Here is post on making of Oxford Overdrive Sound Pack using OSCar as a wavetable source.

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