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SoniHED Conference

14th September

Together with colleagues from Theatre Film and Television Department and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI-Y) at the University of York I organised The Conference on Sonification of Health and Environmental Data.  Funded by Wellcome Trust and Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) at the University of York conference gathered experts from the fields of sonification, sound design, health sciences and environmental science to evaluate and discuss novel sonic ways to engage with data.

At the conference apart from guest speakers from IRCAM, KTH Stockholm there was an installation by Mark Fell (Sonic Uncertainties the Multidimensional Case), films, multimedia presentations. As part of the conference , I performed together with Space F!ght and Dr Kevin Hicks(SEI-Y) Ozone data sonification and visualisation set.

Sonification is concerned with displaying data in sonic form so that listeners (experts and/or non-experts) can perceive and engage with the structures and the properties …

Emerging Excellence Award for Space F!ght

25th March

I am super happy for Space F!ght to receive Emerging Excellence Award ! It will support bands tour coming up in May/June 2014! 

Space F!ght was chosen from 231 applications among 27 musicians.

‘Panellists included multi-platinum selling songwriter and record producer Martin Sutton, singer-songwriter and composer Gwyneth Herbert, artist manager and owner of RedGrape Records Kerry Harvey-Piper, pianist and founder of Edition Records Dave Stapleton, Director of Film & TV UK/Europe at ASCAP Simon Greenaway, former Director of the City of London Festival Ian Ritchie, Nick Keynes and the Guardian’s Classical Music Editor Imogen Tilden.’

You can find more info and list of all selected bands on Help Musicians website.

Here is video from our recent Sci-Fi Tour 2013.

Space F!ght Sci-Fi Tour 2013

7th October

Space Fight and Sound and Music are co-producing the Sci-Fi UK tour in November. New Space F!ghts set is inspired by sci-fi novels from P.K. Dick and S. Lem. Texts are voice samples of  Anna Edgington. These are influencing the improvisation and providing structure for the new pieces. To emphasize 3D effect of the visualisations Space F!ght is using a custom made modular scenography for visualisations/3D mapping. Scenography modules are acting as projection screens made of especially designed models. 

During the forthcoming tour each show will also contain a piece made in collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). In this piece satellite ozone data controls the improvisation and 3D visualisations.  Space F!ght is using ground level ozone data, which is the best representation of the ozone that harms human health. Since Ozone’s impact is all about location, …

RPE Duo East Coast Tour 2013

12th September

RPE Duo is starting USA tour with FONT gig in NYC and collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). The duo transforms satellite ozone data into sound using a variety of sonification methods.  The data from the lowest level of the atmosphere closest to the earth’s surface is used, which has the best relationship to human health. Since Ozone’s impact is all about location, RPE Duo is using the data from six locations around the globe with diverse level of ozone concentration; representing the ozone data rather than culture or any other characteristic of the locations. To represent each place average monthly ozone concentration is used  in a time series of 12 months.

Tour dates:

14 Sept: Festival of New Trumpet Music @ Village Zendo (NYC)
15 Sept: Firehouse Museum Records (Philadelphia)
16 Sept: Galaxy Hut (Washington DC)
19 Sept: …

of / [or] live in Cyprus

1st September

Together with of / [or] the band/project of Nektarios Rodosthenos I’ve been invited to perform in Cyprus in Nicosia where we opened AXIOTHEA CULTURAL FESTIVAL. I was thrilled with so warm and positive response from the audience.

The project is an attempt to redefine rebetiko and the traditional love song of Cyprus by six musicians, PhD students at the University of York, with different cultural backgrounds (Cyprus, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Poland, Chile), who approach the traditional music of Greece and Cyprus, filtering it through jazz, electronic and contemporary classical music, and enriching it with ethnic variations that result in a new intercultural communication of six cultures.

The outcome is an interactive acoustic music performance with subtle electro-acoustic elements, and a multilevel cooperation determined by a variety of musical and cultural factors.

Band consist of:

Nektarios Rodosthenous: vocals, guitar 
Jon Brigg: piano
James Mainwaring: saxophone (alto/tenor) 
Charlotte Pugh: …

Jazz Orchestra gig @ NCEM

23rd June

Together with my Kirki Project collaborator Ricardo Alvarez I got involved in University of York Jazz Orchestra gig at National Centre for Early Music in York. Concert themed with Chilean music consisted of 2x sets. The first one composed by Chileans’s Ensemble Quintessence and the second with Ricardo’s own compositions.

Conducted by Jonathan Eato concert resonated with Kirki Project as music in the second set was also inspired by Tirana Festival. It was great opportunity to experiment with electronic material and the orchestra. I was using both field recordings and digital synthesis made on OP1,  Machinedrum and Octatrack bringing ambience and textural material to the intervals and sparse parts with solos.

I processed both video and audio material recorded by Ricardo with digital effects adding electronic drum patterns to the pieces. For the visualisations, I used simple Jitter patch to load the videos, photos and faded between them. …

Space F!ght Sound Design @ WRO Biennale 2013

15th June

Two visual artists Jakub Hader and Patrycja Ochala invited us to take part in the project Second Stroke to do music and sound design for their installation at WRO Biennale 2013.

Installation had modern look at fine art with the use of new media and technology (3D mapping and MS Kinect). Participants were changing the painting textures and shapes by pointing  at different spots of the projection. Sounds and music were Space F!ght’s sonic representation of the painting itself. The software Jakub wrote was choosing them algorithmically analysing participants’ gestures. This way audience could interact with the image and sound of installation. Videos below are showing the end result and preparation.

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Space F!ght @ Wschod Kultury Rzeszow Poland

15th June

Space F!ght is coming back to the hometown and performing at concert series Stadion Kultury Europejskiej, headlining Precyzja Swiatla night. We are doing our audio-visual 3D mapping set at the Synagogue Stage. 29th June Rzeszow, Poland. 

More info at Wschod Kultury


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Kirki Project

14th June

Kirki Project is my recent collaboration with saxophonist Ricardo Alvarez. Music is inspired by South Andean folk featuring field recordings from Tirana celebrations at Atacama desert, where Ricardo travelled, and gathered source material for the compositions.

Kirki Project

Ricardo Alvarez – saxophones

Radek Rudnicki – electronics 

 Kirki Project is exploring new sonorities for sax and electronics through improvisation inspired by this aesthetic. Heavy beat-based electronica fused with improvised sax melodies draw from this festival full of life, joy and intensity.  The album and live set structure is based on the festival with four main movements. The arrival (Ya vamos llegando), square, pilgrimage and farewell.

Forthcoming album and live set futures the following pieces:


We are currently working on the live version of the album.

First gig booked on 17 August at Millers Yard, York (UK)

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12th June

Together with PhD students from University of York , I am taking part in 2nd now SPL/it. Electro acoustic event happening in Music Research Centre (MRC) features pieces from Chis Mullender, Jon Hughs and Nektarios Rodosthenous. Compositions range from ambisonic pieces using in-house rig, with field recordings from Barcelona, Yorkshire rivers to material gathered from recent events registered by media.

I am going to play my two new tracks from Kirki Project album. I will be using good old stereo. Tracks are made in collaboration with saxophonist Ricardo Alvarez.

Music is inspired by south Andean folk, celebrations at Atacama desert, where Ricardo travelled and gathered the source material for our compositions. Forthcoming album explores new sonorities for sax and electronics with folk and techno influences.

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SoniHED Conference

Together with colleagues from Theatre Film and Television Department and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI-Y) at the University of York I organised The Conference on Sonification...

Emerging Excellence Award for Space F!ght

I am super happy for Space F!ght to receive Emerging Excellence Award ! It will support bands tour coming up in May/June 2014! 

Space F!ght was...