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Events Summary 2010

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October 31st 2010
Lancaster, UK – Lancaster Jazz Festival – RPE Duo Live

October 29th 2010
Lancaster, UK – University of Lancaster – Workshop and Multimedia Live act by RPE Duo

October 3rd 2010
Alessandria, Italy – Festival Omaggio – Aqui Terme – Live with BDP 2.1

July 26th 2010
Manchester, UK – Manchester Jazz Festival. RPE Duo – Live act with Matt Postle.

June 10th 2010
Paese, Italy – Concerti di Primavera – 11th Edition. UUCMS – Audio visual performance with Enrico Bertelli and Matt Postle

May 8th 2010
York, UK – Late Music Festival – UUCMS live act with Enrico Bertelli

January 29th 2010
Edinburgh, UK – Dialogues Festival 2010 – Rudnicki & Postle Electric Duo – Live act

January 6th 2010
York, UK – Sensorium – Installation performance in collaboration with Enrico Bertelli and Jakub Hader

March 5th 2010
York, UK – University of York Concert Series 2010 – Live act as BDP2.1


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