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Freeform is a solo piece based on a hardware and software improvisation system I created. The source material used is sampled guitar (Craig Scott). The idea of the system was to be flexible, fast, easy to use and portable. While gathering the source material, one of the few restrictions I placed upon the improviser was a ten-minute timeframe per take, which seemed long enough to get desired results from the improvisers I worked with.

Selected performances:

Festival Omaggio, Italy (2010) – live improv to the movie

CFCP, Dublin, Ireland (2011)  – live, part of The Asolo Thing set

Concerti di Promavera, Paese, Italy (2010) – live, part of The Asolo Thing set

Late Music Festival, York, UK (2010) – live part of UUCMS set

Download Max/MSP  [black_button href=] Freeform files [/black_button]

if you like to check it out yourself. It is preconfigured to be used with Logitech Gamepad, Korg NanoKontrol, Sound card with at least 4 Outputs and  2 Inputs.


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