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Synthesis is a study of interaction between two people and technology. I created it for percussionist Enrico Bertelli. I used my limited medium – one drum machine – and played it together with the percussionist. With an integrated sequencer, this type of drum machine (Elektron Machinedrum)  is normally used for dance and techno music.

Selected Performances:

BEAM Festival, London UK (2012)

Festival Omaggio, Italy (2010)

Candiani Centre, Venice Italy (2011)

Luigi Nono Festival, Trieste Italy (2009)

Novocento Festival, Treviso, Italy (2009)

Concerti di Promavera, Paese, Italy (2010)

Late Music Festival, York, UK (2010)

Restructuring Max/MSP patch was made for the piece and enabled me to show which drum the percussionist should play at what time. It functioned as a score, though I could change it at any time to reorganise the piece live while improvising. That became very useful not only at the beginning of the project when we were learning each other’s playing and getting used to the material but also while we played in very reverberant spaces, like in St Catharina Church in Treviso, Italy (BDP 2.1 concert in 2009).

Also scaling patch for machinedrum and any midi drum kit was created that enabled dynamic manipulation of synthesis parameters.

[black_button href=] Machinedrum Synthesis scaling patch [/black_button] [black_button href=] Synthesis scoring system [/black_button]

Presented in complete obscurity, introduces the synthetic relation between the man and the machine, the man against it and with the machine.

A dark chapter right before the closing act of ‘The Asolo Thing’


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