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Digital Garden

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Audio visual installation made in collaboration with Rodrigo Garcia Dutra

Commissioned by Quenington Sculpture Trust, exposed on  Fresh Air 2009, UK.

The piece is inspired by DNA code and the garden itself. All sounds coming from the speakers are generated digitally with the synthesizer (Elektron Monomachine). The rest of the sound material is coming live from the garden itself. The piece is blurring the boundaries between nature and synthetic sounds. Visual part of the piece created by Rodrigo Garcia Dutra is made of vectorised photographs played through live interactive and generative video software (Isadora). The pictures were recombined through different composite modes and then synchronized and interfered with music.

Digital Garden was also exposed in Sep 2009 during Byam Shaw MA Fine Arts Show in London as part of Rodrigo Garcia Dutra’s Quartzscreen (architectures for the future) installation.

[aside title=Exposed] in galleries in London and released on Machine compilation[/aside]
  • – London Frieze Art Fair (re)Organisedelirium,
  • – Bash Studios  1st Oct 2009, London,
  • – The City Arts and Music Project 12-16 Oct 2009, London.
  • – Released as part of Elektron-Users Machine compillation

Digital Garden



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