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Cinematic Pieces

By 18-07-2012July 22nd, 2012No Comments

Music for three movies made by Juliana Alveranga: Born (2009), Winter Garden (2010), Bipolar Landscape (2011).

Collaboration with composer and pianist Zezo Olimpio.

Project was taken into live context and performed with Jakub Hader on Culturenight in Dublin (CFCP, 2011)

[aside title=Exposed] in number of festivals worldwide [/aside]

FILE, Sao Paulo (2012) – Born, Winter Garden, Bipolar Landscapes

Now and After, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2012) – Born

Videoframes, France (2011) – Born

Kalamata, Greece (2011) – Winter Garden

Bello Horizonte, Brazil (2010) – Born


Experimental movie by Juliana Alvarenga
Music and sound design – Radek Rudnicki, Zezo Olimpio



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