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Kitchenware – KP1

By 22-07-2009July 22nd, 2012No Comments

Kitchenware was the first project made with Enrico Bertelli.

Piece is based on controlled improvisation on kitchenware. All sounds in the piece are coming from kitchenware, processed sampled and resampled live. Score is based on MS Powerpoint.

Theatrical elements are mixed with contemporary percussion and techno bass heavy beats.

Piece came from concert in a backpack idea – setup is super mobile.

Selected Performances:

Computer Arts Festival, Padova Italy (2009)

Novocento Festival, Treviso, Italy (2009)

Late Music Festival, York UK (2010)

FOCAM at Brudnell Social Club, Leeds, UK (2009)

Enrico Bertelli – kitchenware
Radoslaw Rudnicki – live electronics
Angie Atmadjaja – scenography and lighting
Calum Davison – tea break

A unique mixture of kitchenware and live electronics inside a music-theatre context.
Don't stop at the black screen – keep on watching!
Unprecedented and Unprotected Contemporary Music set.


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