Project was supported by Wellcome Trust (UK) and Centre of Chronic Diseases and Disorders. Premiered at Festival of Ideas, York, UK and subsequently showcased throughout Europe at festivals such as Stockholm Tech Fest 2017 (Sweden) where opened the festival after invitation and support from Polska Institutet Stockholm and Polish Embassy Stockholm. It was presented on scientific conferences such as IX Symposium of Society of Polish Bioinformatics (Poland) and is featured in the book Soundings: documentary film and the listening experience (Rudnicki, Brereton, 2018). Piece was substantially updated over the years (2016-2018) in terms of sound design, visual design and audiovisual interaction. Further grants included Copernicus Science Centre and Samsung (Poland), as well as Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand, that provided funding for travel allowing showcasing the piece internationally on seminars and symposia.