Detailed Portfolio


Fresh Air 2015, Quenington, UK (2015) – Commissioned by The Quenington Sculpture Trust installation and projection mapping show with (Jakub Hader).

Southbank Centre, London, UK (2015) – Commissioned by British Council Iran performance with Dr Enrico Bertelli and Dr Pouya Ehsaei. Duration (35min).

Electric Spring, Huddersfield, UK (2015) – Performed two 30min sets - Digital Electricity and Space F!ght solo.

MIRA Festival, Barcelona, Spain (2014)Space F!ght Audiovisual Experience

Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway (2014) –  Alene Show (Composition and Sound design for contemporary dance, followed by 2x shows)

Gateshead International Jazz Festival, UK (2014) – Space F!ght

Space F!ght Tour 2014 – 5x public venues including Lexington, London; Lescar Sheffield; Wave Folder Records Launch Party, Leeds; Festival of Ideas, York; Manchester Jazz Festival 2014.

Stadion Kultury Europejskiej Rzeszow Poland (2013) – 3D projection mapping on Synagogue Stage – (Space F!ght)

RPE Duo, USA tour (2013) – dates in various venues in USA starting at FONT festival 2013 in NYC.

Space F!ght Spring Tour (2013) – number of performances in venues in Leeds and Newcastle Space F!ght (live)

Space F!ght Sci-Fi tour (2013) – 6x dates include site specific work in venues including Kings Place, London; Leper Chapel, Cambridge; 3Sixty, University of York; Wharf Chambers, Leeds.

UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Ashville, Queens University among others, USA (2012) – RPE Duo

Kernel Festival, Italy (2012) - Space Fight

Manchester Jazz Festival, UK (2010) – RPE Duo

Festival Omaggio, Italy (2010) – Synthesis, Aquatusz, Freeform

Concerti di Promavera, Paese, Italy (2010) – Synthesis, Aquatusz, Freeform

Computer Arts Festival, Padova Italy (2009) – Synthesis

Luigi Nono Festival, Trieste Italy (2009) – Roots-Dance-Poetry, Synthesis

Candiani Centre, Venice Italy (2011) – Synthesis, Aquatusz

Novocento Festival, Treviso, Italy (2009) – Synthesis, Dance-Text-Origin, Roots-Dance-Poetry

CFCP, Dublin, Ireland (2011) – RPE Duo

CFCP, Dublin, Ireland (2011) – Freeform

Culturenight, CFCP, Dublin Ireland (2011) – MontageCinematic Pieces live

Culturenight, CFCP, Dublin Ireland (2011) – Space Fight

Sensorium, Dublin, Ireland (2011) – Aquatusz

Tinderbox Festival, UK (2012) – Space Fight

Lancaster Jazz Festival, UK (2010) – RPE Duo

Lancaster University, UK (2010) – Research seminar, live performance (RPE Duo)

Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh UK (2010) – Live act (RPE Duo)

Grimm Tales, Leeds UK (2009) – Live improvisation during theatre play (RPE Duo)

University of Leeds, UK (2009) – FOCAM – KP1 (UUCMS)

Ron Cooke Hub, York UK (2011) – Space Fight

BEAM Festival London (2012) – Synthesis

Late Music Festival York (2011) Synthesis, Aquatusz, Freeform

Northern School of Contemporary Dance Leeds, UK (2009)Dance-Text-Origin 

Coastival Scarborough (2014) – Live Performance (Kirki Project).

Pieces programmed on festivals:

MEDI-ARTz Zushi, Japan (2014) – Mismatch Negativity, 3D mapping/data sonification with

Circle of Light, Moscow, Russia (2014) – O3, 3D mapping/data sonification Hader/Rudnicki

International Video Art Festival Now&After ’12, Moscow, Russia (2012) Born

Tychy Mapping Festival, Poland (2012) Space Fight (Lucid Dream)

Videoframes, France (2011) – Born

Kalamata, Greece (2011) – Winter Garden

Bello Horizonte, Brazil (2010) – Born

Futura Festival, France (2009) – Dance-Text-Origin

Installation work:

Patchlab, Krakow, Poland (2014) – Second Stroke (with Jakub Hader and Precyzja Foundation)

WRO Biennale, Wroclaw , Poland (2013) – Second Stroke (with Jakub Hader and Patrycja Ochala, Space F!ght’s music and sound design)

SensoriumYork, UK (2010) – Aquatusz (Commissioned by Sensorium)

Fresh AirQueningron, UK (2009) - Digital Garden (Commissioned by Quenington Sculpture Trust)

Spot.Kontroli, Poznan, Poland (2009) – Aquatusz (Commissioned by Lomography)

Node.London Festival, UK (2008) – Greentooth (Commissioned by Hedonskate)


Publications and Conferences talks:

  • R.Rudnicki, K. Hicks, Ozone data sonification – Space F!ght, audiovisual performance, data sonification at SoniHED Conference, York, 2014.
  • R.Rudnicki, Ozone Sonification, SEI Science Forum, Stockholm, Sweden, February 2014. (conference presentation).
  • R.Rudnicki, Creative Use of Technology in Education, Big Ears Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2013 (conference presentation, panel discussion).
  • R.Rudnicki, H.Cambridge, Ozone Sonification. Royal Geographical Sociaty with IBG annual conference, ‘Geographies of co-production’, London, UK, August 2014. (Conference presentation).
  • E. Kubera, M. Kursa, W. R.Rudnicki and A. Wieczorkowska,International Joint Conference Security and Intelligent Information Systems, Playing in Unison in the Random Forest, Warsaw, Poland 2011.
  • E. Kubera, M. Kursa, W. R.Rudnicki and A. Wieczorkowska International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, All that Jazz in The Random Forest, Warsaw, Poland 2011.
  • E. Kubera, M. Kursa, W. R.Rudnicki and A. Wieczorkowska, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Playing In Unison in the Random Forrest vol 7053. 2012

Press and Media:

Create Digital Music, USA, Germany (2012) – RPE Duo featured in music technology blog

Create Digital Music, USA, Germany (2013) – Space F!ght featured in music blog

FONT, USA (2013) – RPE Duo interview featured on festival website

Londonist, UK (2013) – Space F!ght featured in the magazine

Cuckoo Review, UK (2014) – Space F!ght @ GIJF live review

All About Jazz, USA (2014) – Space F!ght – Sci-Fi review

Slate the Disco, UK (2013) – Space F!ght featured in music blog

Sound and Music, UK (2013) – Space F!ght featured on the blog and main website

La Tribuna d Treviso, Italy (2009) – BDP 2.1 featured in Newspaper

Shuffle Magazine, USA (2012)RPE Duo featured in the blog and magazine

Matrixsynth, USA (2011, 2012) – Space Fight and RPE Duo featured in the blog

All about jazz, USA (2010) – RPE Duo featured in jazz news blog., Poland (2014) – Space F!ght featured in new music blog

Recent Performances and Events

Live gigs, festivals, installations, workshops and the projects I'm involved in currently.

Live in Cyprus – Loop 2016

I was invited to amazing festival in Cyprus in Jan 2016. Lefkosia Loop Festival happens in Cyprus in the first week of January (5,6th this...

Space F!ght New Zealand Tour

I just came back from amazing trip to New Zealand and Singapore, where I went for study leave and toured with Space F!ght in...

Oxford Overdrive Sound Pack for Elektron Monomachine

Oxford Overdrive Sound Pack is my second wavetable pack made specifically for the Monomachine commissioned by Elektron Music Machines.

The idea was to sample vintage...

British Council Commissioned Show at Southbank Centre, London

Together with Space F!ght and Pouya Ehsaei commissioned by British Council Iran we performed at Southbank Centre, London. For the Iranian New Year (Nowruz) celebration show,...

Space F!ght plays Mira, Barcelona

Together with Space F!ght  I performed at MIRA Festival 2014 at Santa Monica Arts Centre, Barcelona. MIRA festival is one of the biggest festivals...

2x Live sets at Electric Spring 2015

I performed two sets at Electric Spring festival in Huddersfield this year. In 5 days festival brought lots of sonic exploration ranging from Delia...