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Space F!ght at Tinderbox Festival

16th June

Space F!ght together with Shatners Basoon performed on Tinderbox Festival.

Loved the jam at the end with everyone. Had great time

Featured in Music Oxford


Space F!ght @ Club Intergral Northern Branch

17th March

We are really happy to perform in Millers Yard with Roller Trio in York again. It was great night thanks Club Integral Northern Branch.

Space F!ght live in London @ Home of the brave

26th January

Great gig in Jetlag Bar, London. Home of the Brave was event put by Toby Parker of Elektron-Users forum featuring Dataline, Future Image among others.

January 26th 2012, London, UK – Jetlag Bar – Space Fight! live performance.

Events Summary 2010

21st December

List of performances in 2010 includes Manchester Jazz, Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh, Sensorium Dublin, Paese Italy among others.

Events Summary 2009

21st December

Performances I did in 2009 include Computer Arts Festival Padova, Festival in Trieste, Treviso, Italy and FOCAM in Leeds,UK among others

Kitchenware – KP1

22nd July

Kitchenware was the first project made with Enrico Bertelli.

Piece is based on controlled improvisation on kitchenware. All sounds in the piece are coming from kitchenware, processed sampled and resampled live. Score is based on MS Powerpoint.

Theatrical elements are mixed with contemporary percussion and techno bass heavy beats.

Piece came from concert in a backpack idea – setup is super mobile.

Selected Performances:

Computer Arts Festival, Padova Italy (2009)

Novocento Festival, Treviso, Italy (2009)

Late Music Festival, York UK (2010)

FOCAM at Brudnell Social Club, Leeds, UK (2009)

Enrico Bertelli – kitchenware Radoslaw Rudnicki – live electronics Angie Atmadjaja – scenography and lighting Calum Davison – tea break

A unique mixture of kitchenware and live electronics inside a music-theatre context. Don't stop at the black screen – keep on watching! Unprecedented and Unprotected Contemporary Music set.

Event Summary 2008

21st December

Electronic Blocks - Derby – Laptop live act

Media Lab (Re)boot - Node.London Festival - London, UK – Audio-visual installation -Greentooth

York Festival - Laptop live act

Concert with Freezframe in York - laptop, drum machine and jazz band




Recent Performances and Events

Live gigs, festivals, installations, workshops and the projects I'm involved in currently.

Immortal Waves Sound Pack for Elektron Monomachine

Recently I have been involved in really exciting project with Elektron Music Machines. The idea was to sample vintage analog synthesizers especially for Monomachine...

Alene Premiere Stavanger, Norway

Alene is a Contemporary dance duet about mental illness. The dance performance aims to draw attention towards a subject that throughout history has been...

O3 – video mapping – Moscow Circle of Light 2014

Piece made in collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who took care of scientific underpinning of the project. In this...

Mismatch Negativity @ Zushi Media Art Festival, Japan

This video mapping is based on data sonification generated from MMN (mismatch negativity) in EEG data of two people.

One is healthy, the other is...

SoniHED Conference

Together with colleagues from Theatre Film and Television Department and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI-Y) at the University of York I organised The Conference on Sonification...

Emerging Excellence Award for Space F!ght

I am super happy for Space F!ght to receive Emerging Excellence Award ! It will support bands tour coming up in May/June 2014! 

Space F!ght was...