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It was really interesting to talk to Daniel Sterner of Elektron recently, our conversation is documented as Elektron Talk. The Elektron Talk is on art, science and my collaborative projects, approaches and inspirations, and of course the use of Elektron devices while creating content for them. On this occasion the new Bionic Walk sound pack is out too. I have made it for Elektron Digitone. It features sounds I used during my performances at Tokyo Festival of Modular 2018 and Hamburg ePhil concert series.

While making the Bionic Walk pack I focused on percussive and polyphonic FM sounds, which work perfectly well with recordings of ancient instruments from Kyoto. Being sampled with Eurorack modules such as Qu-bit Nebulae or Make Noise Morphagene. I use Digitone during the performances in the sampled form as well.


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