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Mismatch Negativity @ Zushi Media Art Festival, Japan

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This video mapping is based on data sonification generated from MMN (mismatch negativity) in EEG data of two people. One is healthy, the other is an individual with a recent diagnosis of Schizophrenia.

Every element of the piece is generated live with custom software environment patched in VVVV running in real time. The sound design was generated using eurorack synthesiser connected to computer running Max/MPS and controlling the synth via data.

The EEG waveform was slowed down 5x and used as complex modulator for the Eurorack modular synthesiser. Sound material was generated using Intellijel Shapeshifter as sound generator, MakeNoise Maths, as envelope follower/scaling and Cwejman MMF6 as waveshaper/filter.

Piece shows that society should live in harmony. This project is an attempt to show how you can get easily lost and loose your balance of perception while looking at images that seem very real. Piece was premiered at Media Art festival in Zushi, Japan in August 2014.

Data was acquired from researchers from School of Medicine and Public Health at  the University of Newcastle, Australia. We would like to thank Professor Ulrich Schall in particular for his help in realisation of this project.


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