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O3 – video mapping – Moscow Circle of Light 2014

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The piece made in collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who took care of the scientific underpinning of the project. In this piece satellite ozone data was used to generate sound and audio-reactive visualization. Together with Jakub Hader (Precyzja, visualisation) we are using ground-level ozone data, which is the best representation of the ozone that harms human health. The piece is using the data from different locations around the globe with a diverse level of ozone concentration of Moscow, Amazon, Beijing representing the ozone data rather than culture or any other characteristic of the locations. To represent each place average monthly ozone concentration is used in a time series of 12 months.

Sound design was made using data sonification with parameter mapping via midi on the drum machine and via control voltage (CV) on Eurorack modular synthesizer. Parameters of ozone data were scaled and mapped in Max/MSP patch. The video mapping is using live audio analysis and time triggers based on the music composition. The effects and rendering techniques, as well as the 3D model, were used to show the diversity of the locations based on ozone concentration. The whole video mapping sequence was recorded live from VVVV generative patch running in real-time. (No post-production or editing).

The piece was premiered at Moscow Circle of Light 2014. Exposed to 6mln visitors of the festival between 10-14th October 2014.


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