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of / [or] live in Cyprus

By 01-09-2013October 9th, 2013No Comments

Together with of / [or] the band/project of Nektarios Rodosthenos I’ve been invited to perform in Cyprus in Nicosia where we opened AXIOTHEA CULTURAL FESTIVAL. I was thrilled with so warm and positive response from the audience.

The project is an attempt to redefine rebetiko and the traditional love song of Cyprus by six musicians, PhD students at the University of York, with different cultural backgrounds (Cyprus, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Poland, Chile), who approach the traditional music of Greece and Cyprus, filtering it through jazz, electronic and contemporary classical music, and enriching it with ethnic variations that result in a new intercultural communication of six cultures.

The outcome is an interactive acoustic music performance with subtle electro-acoustic elements, and a multilevel cooperation determined by a variety of musical and cultural factors.

Band consist of:

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