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Radio Kapitał Wave Folder Special

By 03-12-2020December 4th, 2020No Comments

I feel honoured and stoked to be able to present on Radio Kapitał the music I have made with dear friends. The mix I have prepared contains tracks I have made 10 years ago! Yes, this seems like a long time ago! It was quite a nostalgic journey going thru the albums, selecting the tracks. Lovely to come back to some of the material I haven’t listened to for years. I had many moments thinking how the hell I have made this! or came up with this. Missing playing and performing live for the audience in person and hanging out with such talented musicians. Making this mix also made me realise how lucky I am being able to make music with so many good friends, musicians from all over the world.

The mix contains tracks from both Space F!ght albums I have made with James Mainwaring(sax) and Tom Adams(guitar). Matt Postle’s trumpet sound appears there too as well as the lovely voice of Anna Edgington. There are tracks from two RPE Duo albums. The recent release of Kirki Project I have made with Ricardo Alvarez (sax) as well as a track from the album I have made with Maho Cwejman. There are few tracks from my recent solo Re: Conet c open-source release and couple of tracks from Koshi Mazaki album made with AJH Synth modules.

I have processed the whole journey dub style real-time through Eurorack effects, Looptrotter outboard gear and with Eventide Space giving them extra colour, fresh and unified vibe. I encourage everyone to listen to the whole thing.

Radio Kapitał is an independent, community-based internet radio station focused on new alternative and non-commercial forms of expression. They are based in Warsaw, Poland and they have been really supportive in this endeavour. Tune in on Friday 4th December 2020 to check it live on air. The mix will be available on Mixcloud as well.


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