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I was invited to Tokyo Festival of Modular 2018, which is by far my favourite festival focused on modular synthesis. Not only the location but the sheer amount of artists and diversity of music make this festival truely unique and outstanding. It was great chance to meet other artists like Susanne Ciani, Richard Devine, Daedelus, Kim Biorn the author of Patch and Tweak book was there. I finally met with fellow POWwow ambassadors, local musicians and manufacturers. I performed there my new piece En focused on re-contextualisation of traditional Japanese music with electronics, demoed new Cwejman BLD2, VM1S and MBC3 and new AJH Synth modules including Gemini 2412 and took part in Powcademy Asia and Pacific discussion panel.

It was great to see positive response from the audience, hearing En for the first time, as I premiered the piece in Tokyo. Such a joy to play BLD2 that gave the subs proper workout. 

Tokyo was my first stop on the trip from New Zealand to Europe, where I showcased Sound of Space Debris on ePhil concert series in Hamburg and En on 8.1 sound system. 


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